Today’s Vehicle Security Risks Being Driven by High Tech Threats

The response in the executive protection community to an episode of CBS’s “60 Minutes” which aired On February 8, 2015 has been pretty overwhelming and as is often the case, some of what has been put out there is not necessarily accurate and, in some cases, has led to more questions then answers. The episode, which was titled “DARPA: Nobody’s Safe on the Internet”, showed a vehicle being hacked into and controlled remotely by an engineer from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency). In this instance, the engineer launched a very sophisticated attack on the car’s onboard cellular phone system that allowed a malicious string of code (computer language for operating instructions) to be introduced into the vehicles electronic control system. Once the code was installed, the engineer was able to remotely engage the car’s horn, windshield wipers, and brakes. While conducting an attack of the kind demonstrated in this instance would require the resources of a large private sector company or government agency, protection practitioners should recognize that most vehicle systems can be hacked - and controlled - by a moderately determined, resourceful person who is computer savvy. The bottom line for the security professional is that with today’s tech laden vehicles hacking is a very real threat. To Read More click Here